The Freaky Darlings

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”
Dr Seuss 1904 – 1991

Tell Me

Tom cat, tell me, how soft can you purr?
Is it softer then a green Douglas Fir?

Kangaroo Jack, tell me, how high can you jump?
Can you jump higher then a gasoline pump?

Spotted Owl, tell me, can you see in the dark?
Can you see all the rodents in a trailer park?

Snow Bird, tell me, how do you swim in the ice?
Can you swim without the help of a mechanical device?

Ant Eater, tell me, how long is your nose?
Is it longer and stronger then a radiator hose?

King of the jungle, tell me, how loud do you roar?
Is it louder then the horns in a musical score?

White moon, tell me, how do you shine so bright?
Do you steal it from the sun to show off at night?

Sleeping brown bear, tell me, what do you dream?
Do you dream of salmon in a tidewater stream?

Green forests, tell me, how many animals in your trees?
Do you have more then there are fish in all seven seas?

Stars in the sky, tell me, how many exist?
Can I be a star, is there a waiting list?

Shining yellow sun, tell me, you are so far away,
How does your warmth reach us so quickly each day?

White clouds, tell me, what will you draw next?
Will it be a bicycle, a boat or a tyrannosaurus rex?

Great big Earth, tell me, how do you float in space?
Is there an invisible string that holds you in place?

So many questions to ask, secrets galore
I need to get started, I need to explore.