The Freaky Darlings

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”
Dr Seuss 1904 – 1991

Climbin’ High

A rare type of Oak from the Adriatic Sea.
No one ever dared to climb this particular tree,

Willie tried hard,
And Billie tried harder,
Millie tried hardest,
But none passed the test.

Millie yelled, “Climbin’ trees is really tough,
I think I’ll take a rest.”

They climbed all day, they climbed all night,
Climbin’ high is sure a fight.

The top was near, Willie thought for sure.
But it felt like climbing to Kuala Lumpur.

The branches cracked beneath their feet.
Millie wished for an ejection seat.

Their arms were tired, but they carried on.
This is what they all agreed upon.

They would keep on climbin’, climbin’ high
They would award themselves with pizza pie.

The leaves fell to the ground below.
Their muscles hurt from head to toe.

They pushed upward and pulled their weight
Increasing their basal metabolic rate.

On the fourth branch up, and two to the right,
Billie was bit by a snake and cried with fright.

Millie yelled to Willie, “Billie was bit by snake,
I think we should stop, he may have a tummy ache.”

Billie yelled back, “We can’t stop now, We need
to climb higher, we need to tie the rope for our
rubber swing tire!”

At last, the top, a clearing in the leaves,
Billie stopped where we was and pulled up his sleeves.

“This is it! I found the spot!
Toss me the rope and I’ll tie a knot.”

The rope was tied on, the three kids scurried down,
This tree climb would be the talk of the town.

The swing was swingin’, three feet off the ground
They could finally begin summer monkeying around.

When you’re six years old and three foot eight,
Climbin’ trees sure is great!

The kids were heroes, their friends envy with green
The only thing better would be a huge trampoline.