The Freaky Darlings

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”
Dr Seuss 1904 – 1991

Glass Girl

I once knew a girl made entirely of glass,
She shined and shimmered at all who would pass.

Glass girl posed and strutted, reflecting the light
She dazzled the streets as she lit up the night.

She was careful to walk, stepping over the cracks,
Instead of taking showers she cleaned with car wax.

This was a site, when she would polish and shine
Her friends couldn’t wait and formed a long line.

They watched her wax, they watched her buff,
She did not mind, oddly enough.

The local museum approached her one day,
An installation was built with a matrix display.

The display featured text, pictures and charts,
Blurry circles and squares covered private parts.

A Girl made of Glass? People asked, “How is this so?”
An agent sold the rights to her television show.

A wonderment, a miracle, scientists could not agree
It baffled and confused them to the highest degree.

“How does she breathe? How does she pee?
Take away the black circles, please let us see!”

They studied and prodded, poked and observed,
Her chemical makeup was perfectly preserved.

The installation went on for five days and two weeks,
She became more popular then the museum’s antiques.


After a while, her friends grew bored.
Glass Girl’s life became ignored.

The museum installation came to an end
She was sad and distraught, and could not comprehend.

People grew tired of her crystal clear looks,
Some threw rocks, but most threw books.

She shattered, she broke, she split in two.
Now I know a girl made entirely of glue.